25 Excellent Earth Day Activities for a Special Ed Classroom

April 22 is Earth Day. This has always been a holiday I could get behind. Teaching students about why we need to keep the Earth healthy and how they can make a local impact was always something I found really important and fun to teach. Now, with the explosion of Pinterest, you can spend HOURS going down a rabbit hole looking for an activity your students can actually do and connect with. So, I spent that time for you!! I went down a lot of rabbit holes, before finding what I think are some great Earth Day activities (ALL FREE) that I think students in a special ed setting will truly be able to get excited about and learn from. So here we go…

First, I want to offer you a free resource of my very own. Like I said, I love teaching about Earth Day, and I recently just updated and expanded my Earth day Unit. You can check that out HERE. But, I wanted to put something together that you could use right now at no cost (not even an email address!!)

Earth Day sorting activity (CLICK HERE)

This sorting activity allows students to decide if something is good or bad for our Earth. There is a color-coded option already included for students who need more support. So click below the image to grab this awesome activity to use with any learning level you may have in your classroom.

So, now onto my other great finds (ALL FREE):

Math Resources for Earth Day

ELA Resources for Earth Day

Science Resources for Earth Day

Art Resources for Earth Day

Other activities for Earth Day

  • Earth Day Social Problem Solving. Good for older kids. (click HERE)
  • Earth Day Playlists:  songs, poems, videos and more (click HERE)
  • Community Service Projects (click HERE)

If you are looking for complete units for Earth Day, I have three in my store depending on the age of the students you teach. Check them out by clicking the link below each picture.

Earth Day for elementary
Click HERE)
Pollution & Conservation
Middle School

(click HERE)
Global Connections
High School

(click HERE)
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