Best Free Spider Resources for October

spider and corner web

Do you find October a little scary?  Are your kids expecting you to come up with spooky, creepy, and crawly activities?  If so, do not worry.  I have you covered.  I know many of us are looking for alternatives to teaching about witches and monsters this time of year, and spiders are a great subject to have students focus on and still feel like they are getting some of that holiday eeriness.

I reached out to a bunch of my favorite teacher authors so I could come up with a list of great activities all in one location that you could click and download.  I hope this makes your October lesson planning just a little less scary.

spiderSuper Spider Math Activities

  • Little Mrs. M has a great web template and spiders you can cut out to be used in lots of ways in a math center.  CLICK HERE to check it out.
  • Do you like spiders?  My Happy Place has a great free graphing activity that will tally your students love or not for arachnids.  CLICK HERE to get your copy.
  • Marcia Murphy has some doubles flash cards with some really great spider graphics you kids will love.  CLICK HERE to get them practicing those math facts.
  • It’s Almost Friday has an I Have, Who Has game that is perfect for whole-class engagement! This product contains 24 game cards to practice addition and subtraction within 20.  CLICK HERE to grab it now.
  • Kamp Kindergarten has some super spidery counting clip cards to download using quantities up to 12.  Also works those fine motor skills!  CLICK HERE to start counting.

spiderCreepy Spider Science Activities

  • TCHR Two Point 0 has an amazing stem activity where students follow directions to make and then color a spider web.  If you want to get excited about STEM CLICK HERE!

spiderCrawly Spider ELA Activities

  • Emily at Education to the Core has a super cute mini-book and writing reflection on spiders.  So if you have those early or emerging readers, CLICK HERE to check it out!
  • Jennifer at Engaging Activities for Little Learners has some really great things you can do with some magnetic spiders.  You could even do these with just plain plastic spiders as well as long as you have a flat surface.  Practice letters, names, and even filling in 10 frames with this cool activity.  As a bonus, there is an emergent reader you can download for free as well.  CLICK HERE to see all you can do!
  • Kathryn Garcia at Made for Learning has designed a fun center activity for children who need practice matching uppercase letters with lowercase letters.  CLICK HERE to set up this literacy center.
  • Lindsey’s Classroom Creations has 3 mini books with a Halloween focus and one is on (you guessed it) spiders!  CLICK HERE to get your mini-books.
  • Linda Nelson at Primary Inspiration has a spiderweb word wall partner game for your literacy centers, but you’ll find that this is incredibly versatile and be adapted to many other uses.  CLICK HERE to check it out.
  • A is for Apples has a download where students can write everything they know about spiders with these tree map graphic organizers and writing pages! CLICK HERE to get your kids writing.

spiderFreaky Fine Motor and other cool Spiders Activities

  • Jessica at Tot School is rockin’ it with this amazing blog post FILLED with really creative things to do with spiders that works those fine motor skills in truly unique ways.  Be sure to check it out and CLICK HERE.
  • Danielle at Fun Learning for Kids has a very clever way to work on those fine motor skills using some yarn, a basket, and some plastic spiders.  Your kids will love it!  CLICK HERE to see how to set it up.
  • From the HappyEdugator, get an amazing mind set poster with spiders in mind.  When the storms of life get you down or wash you down the water spout, you need to let the sun dry you out and climb up again! This growth mindset freebie was inspired by Hurricane Michael as I see family and friends recovering from disaster. We should all remember the lesson of the little nursery rhyme, “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” This poster is an inspirational quote from the Itsy Bitsy Spider himself! CLICK HERE to grab this one!

So what about me?  What do I have to offer?

hanging spider

Click the button below to grab the 2 free science-related downloads I have for you, pulled from my unit on Spiders.

  • Label the parts of a spider

  • Sorting things by number of legs

If you are looking for even more, you can check out my units on Spiders in my store.  The activities are interactive and engaging for your students.  This is a great solution for students who have fine motor challenges, and it will work on an iPad as well.  All you need to teach about spiders in October.

  • Spider Unit print and digital click HERE

Finally, if you want to see how this digital version will work, watch this short video.


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