Don’t Feel Sorry For Me

So once again, I find myself holding down the fort this week.  This Memorial Day weekend, Jim had a Caterpillar meeting and event that led him to Indianapolis.  He actually got to participate in many of the Indy 500 pre-race festivities and then got to sit in turn 3 on race day.  He grew up watching this race faithfully with his entire family, so it is a dream come true for a guy who really should have been a race car driver.  It is a great tradition that I was indoctrinated into once we got married.

As he is off having the time of his life, I am home with the kids keeping things running here.  But, don’t feel sorry for me.  When you have a child with a disability, family life looks differently.  You have to figure out a way to experience things that most families take for granted in a unique and creative way.  So, if things were different, I am certain that all four of us would have been in Indianapolis this weekend, but that is okay.  I am so happy that Jim gets to experience this and I have absolutely no regrets nor one ounce of resentment.  My time will come.  I know, there will be times I will get to go off and do what I have dreamed of, and Jim will stay home.

Don’t feel bad for me.  I find happiness in his happiness.  I have found many things this weekend that make me happy.  I miss my husband, but I am so grateful he has had this time.  You may not understand it, but it works for us and works well.

One thought on “Don’t Feel Sorry For Me

  1. Thanks for sharing that, Christa. Most days I am right there with you, but some days it’s hard not to fall into that negative place when the autism keeps your family from doing something together. I think the holiday weekends are some of the most difficult times for me. Thanks for the reminder to stay positive!


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