No Prep Fall Worksheets for Special Education Elementary Level


Total Pages 60 pages
Teaching Duration 1 month


No Prep Fall Worksheet set contains 60 worksheets of material specifically designed for students with special learning needs, especially autism.


These no-prep worksheets review basic math and ELA elementary skills. There are also worksheets that cover basic science concepts related to fall and social studies worksheets that are related to fall holidays and other history topics.


These worksheets are great for:

  • morning work
  • students who finish early
  • transition activities
  • student centers
  • You can even turn them into reusable file folders.


It always seemed when I would start a new lesson, behaviors would occur that would send the entire class off track. I just needed 3-5 minutes to get myself set up while the students were engaged in a simple, fairly independent task. I came up with these no prep fall worksheets as a way to keep my students engaged while I got ready. These no-prep fall worksheets also gave me one more data point to evaluate how well my students were retaining material that had been previously taught.


Most special education classes are made up of many different grade levels and many different learning styles and abilities. With that in mind, I tried to include various levels (K-5) of material in this no-prep fall unit that would be appropriate for as many students as possible.


For students who struggle with cutting, find alternative ways to do these cut-and-paste worksheets over on my blog. CLICK HERE to read more



For DIGITAL Fall Worksheets CLICK HERE




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See Preview for a detailed look at the contents.


No Prep Fall Worksheets Includes:


• 20 math worksheets

• 20 ELA worksheets

• 10 science worksheets

• 10 social studies worksheets


All worksheets are in black and white