George Upside Down Literacy Unit for Special Education

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George Upside Down unit includes over 70 pages of material developed for students with autism and other special learning needs. This unit has various activities to accompany the book, George Upside Down. The materials are designed to allow students with multiple levels of learning to access and engage in lessons learned through reading George Upside Down. There are many opportunities for students to engage in repeated information on the travels of George as he goes through his day upside down. This repetition encourages deeper engagement of the book. Finally, many of the George Upside Down activities include more than one version, suggestions for differentiation and options for presentation. There is also a 13 page social story addressing on being silly and when it is ok and not ok to be silly which goes perfectly with this story and is great for students with autism and special learning needs.

The preview includes a detailed list of what you will get in this pack.
George Upside Down Unit includes:

2 George Upside Down Math activities
•George Upside Down Preposition Book **
•Counting and ordering number of items upside down **

2 George Upside Down Literacy activities
•George Upside Down Comprehension chart focusing on 8 major points from the story **
•Fill-ins from George Upside Down **

George Upside Down Communication activity
•Symbol board developed to use while reading George Upside Down to assist students in participating in discussion and asking questions**

Social Story
•13 page story about when it is okay to be silly
•Follow-up sorting activity of places it is ok and not ok to be silly**

George Upside Down Writing & Art Activity
•Directions and materials for completing a short illustrated story about being upside down**

**: includes both color and BW versions
I hope you find these activities as helpful and engaging for your students as I did for mine. I love books, and I find making them accessible to students who might not otherwise make connections that typical children make, is an exciting and challenging venture.

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