Get ready for summer with no-prep and no worries

Summer break is almost here for many teachers. It is a time to reflect on the past year. Celebrate what went well. Tweak what did not. Rest up and get ready to hit the ground running in August (or September.) But, before that can happen, we need to get through these last few weeks, which can seem like the longest of the entire school year.

In a special education setting, we often do not have the luxury of just kicking back and coasting those last few days or weeks. Our kiddos need that consistent routine they have come to depend on day in and day out. So, that means we need to keep teaching just like we have all year long. But, that does not mean we cannot focus on something fun!!


At the end of every year, I liked to spend the last 2 weeks or so focusing on the season of summer. We come at it from a science standpoint. What does summer feel like? What kinds of foods, plants, and things grow in the summer time. How does summer differ in different parts of the world? Lots of science related topics we can cover with this season.

Circle maps


I also like to weave a summer theme into my math lessons. We can do patterns that involve summer things.

Summer patterns

We can also practice a lot of counting and 1:1 correspondence with summer items.

Counting booklet


We can weave summer into our literacy block. Writing prompts are the perfect adaptable activity to go with any subject, and summer is no exception.

Writing prompt

Getting outside

Of course, you know I love scavenger hunts. (You can read all about 5 Different ways to Do a Scavenger Hunt by clicking HERE.) If I can’t get the kids out for some reason, then I can easily find a book or movie with a summer theme, and do the scavenger hunt right in the comfort of our classroom.

Scavenger Hunt

Social Story (download for FREE)

Finally, I always find ways to spend time on social skills and addressing any anxiety students may have with upcoming changes. Summer can actually be a pretty stressful time for kids. Their schedule is often very unpredictable day to day. In addition, the summer can mark the end of their time with a particular teacher, classroom, or even school. So, I have a social story I always use. (You can grab it for FREE below).

Social Story

Complete Unit on Summer

If you are looking for some no-prep, print and go activities perfect for the end of the year, check out my unit on Summer. You can click HERE or watch the video below. Let me help you end the year with some activities that will keep your students engaged and help you keep your sanity during these last crazy days!!

Summer Unit
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