Tally Marks and Special Education with digital activities | Distance Learning

Total Pages: 47 pages and 34 google slides
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Tally marks can be very confusing for our students with autism and special learning needs. This book on counting tally marks and related tally marks worksheets give students practice making and counting tally marks. There are many opportunities for students to engage in repeated information on counting tally marks. This repetition encourages generalization and a deeper understanding of how tally marks relate to quantity.

This unit focuses first on recognizing tally marks 1-5, and then 6-10. There are also opportunities for students to work with 1-10 at the same time.

*****This unit now has digital versions of the printable activities. There are 34 google slides (includes a differentiated set) and a movie version of the book.


Tally Marks Unit Includes:

  • 15 page book (includes movie version)
  • 6 counting worksheets in color and BW (includes digital version)
  • 10 sequencing worksheets (includes digital version)


The 15 page book on tally marks can be read to a small group or used for independent practice. The last page includes a chart of tally marks to be cut out and laminated. These are then able to be attached using Velcro to the appropriate pages as reading. This makes for a more interactive and engaging experience for your students with autism and special learning needs. I also included a recorded PowerPoint and movie version where there is some animation as the correct number of tally marks bounces in on each page as the book is read.

As always please take a moment to leave feedback or post any questions you may have. 

I am currently developing more units, and any feedback I get helps me make improvements in the future.

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