Spring Digital Worksheets for Special Education Elementary Level


Total Pages 60 pages


Digital worksheets for google classroom or distance learning with a spring theme created for students with autism and special learning needs in elementary school.

There are 2 complete sets of worksheets with 30 worksheets in each. The second set is a copy of the first set but with differentiation added. It uses color and other visual supports so students who may not yet be at that level, can still complete the same worksheet as their peers independently.


  • 10 ELA worksheets
  • 10 math worksheets
  • 10 science worksheets

Each set practices a variety of skills commonly used at the elementary level. Age appropriate for older students as well who may be working at an elementary level.

These worksheets are completed 100% on line. NO printing needed. There are instructions, including a video tutorial showing the best way to assign worksheets to your students to avoid most sharing/server issues.