September 11 Activity for Special Education

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This activity on September 11 was developed for students with autism and special learning needs. This activity has over 60 pages. There are 2 books with photos. One tells the story of 9/11, and one talks about its long term effects on airport security through the use of a social story. There is a culminating activity that not allows participation of EVERY student in your class, but gives you the opportunity to involve the entire school in this dramatic display of loss. Finally, there are 3 supporting tasks that will deepen students’ understanding of the impact this day had not only on those who lost loved ones, but the entire country.

✩✩✩This unit has been updated to make it more appropriate and accessible for 2020. I added pages to the airport security book to address wearing a mask. I also added movie (mp4) versions of the books so you can easily assign them in google platforms. Finally, I included a png file of the Twin Towers Foil art project that can also be assigned using google platforms. The students will still need to print this outline out to complete the project. IN ALL, I FEEL THIS RESOURCE IS BETTER DONE FACE TO FACE. However, with these changes it should make it easier for parents to assist their kids at home to learn more about this important day.

✩✩✩ My hope for this unit is to give special education teachers the tools they need to ensure that EVERY student can appreciate the impact of this day and engage in a meaningful way.

If you teach older students, look at my unit on Responding to Terrorism in the US. It goes even deeper into this concept of how the United States protects us and prevents future acts of terrorism. CLICK HERE

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September 11 Activity Includes:

  • 2 books with photos (with voice recorded power points)
  • also in an mp4 format that can be watched online
  • Culminating activity
  • 3 supporting tasks
  • Vocabulary board


Much of what I have learned about curriculum development is incorporated in these units. For example, do not be afraid of repetition. It is critical that students with significant disabilities get to experience material over several days to be able to fully assimilate what is being taught. Also, adding visual supports to your printables and class activities helps students be able to pay more attention to the content you are presenting rather than the mechanics of what is expected. Finally, ask questions. Good questions!! Regardless of the material, if we can ask students good questions it will push them to think more deeply than before.

As always please take a moment to leave feedback or post any questions you may have. Remember, you will gain credit toward future purchase on tpt as you leave more and more feedback!!

I am currently developing more units, and any feedback I get helps me make improvements in the future. Plus, it just means a lot to me.