Multiplication and Division BUNDLE for Special Education


Save 20% with this bundle that includes my complete unit on multiplication and division. This unit was created for students with autism and special learning needs. There is a lot of visual support through the use of color coding and plenty of suggestions and opportunities to use manipulatives. By making multiplication and division more visual and hands-on, students will be able to deepen their understanding of the concepts and be able to use them more successfully in later lessons that have more complexity.


Multiplication Unit Includes

  • 17 page multiplication book that introduces the concept of multiplication as repeated addition (also in movie format)• 5-page multiplication worksheet set for students to practice identifying what is and what is not repeated addition (also in digital format)• 20 pages multiplication worksheet set with color-coding to practice multiplication through repeated addition (10 pages also in digital format)


Division Unit Includes:

This unit focuses on early division skills using numbers 1-10 and fair shares. It also addresses remainders when doing division.

  • 34 page book on division
  • 4 pages of group practice problems on division
  • 10 division worksheets with targeted skill practice
  • 5 visual word problems with a Dr. Seuss theme


Much of what I have learned about curriculum development is incorporated in these units. For example, do not be afraid of repetition. It is critical that students with significant disabilities get to experience material over several days to be able to fully assimilate what is being taught. Also, adding visual supports to your printables and class activities helps students be able to pay more attention to the content you are presenting rather than the mechanics of what is expected. Finally, ask questions. Good questions!! Regardless of the material, if we can ask students good questions it will push them to think more deeply than before.

As always please take a moment to leave feedback or post any questions you may have. 

I am currently developing more units, and any feedback I get helps me make improvements in the future. Plus, it just means a lot to me.