Making Polite Requests Unit: Communication Skills

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This 1 week-long unit was developed for students with disabilities, especially those with communication challenges. It gives students guidelines and a chance to practice making polite requests. It allows students to practice asking questions in an appropriate manner in a structured and safe environment.

Unit Includes

•Detailed 1 week lesson plan differentiated for K-2 and 3-5
•3 different Video clips
•Power point (can be edited to fit your needs)
•Coloring pages
•Cut and paste worksheets
•Lots of games and activities to practice making polite requests

Although not required, it is helpful if you have access to the following books:
• Is Your Mama a Llama?
• If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

I always found it challenging to teach my students who were already struggling with so many challenges how to “ask nicely.” It seemed just reminding them was never enough. So, I developed this unit to spend some very focused and structured time teaching students how to make a request politely. It worked a lot better than the constant nagging and reminding I was doing before.

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