Letter of the week U-Z Bundle for Special Education PRINT AND DIGITAL


This letter of the week BUNDLE unit is different than many others you may come across. It is specifically designed for students affected with significant disabilities. The group and individual activities are designed to reinforce and generalize the main concept while making them as accessible as possible. My vision is that either the students can do most of these activities, although supervised, independently. The differentiation suggestions are also meant to help engage and pull in those students that are often left sitting by the side watching the teacher or assistant finish their work for them.

So what does this unit include? ★A LOT!! There are over 500 pages of lesson plans, activities, books, printables, directions, and suggestions for differentiation in this bundle. ★If you download the preview, you will see sample list of all a unit contains as well as one sample lesson plan.






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Unit Contents:


→ Group Activities for each letter

• Scavenger Hunt

• Circle Map

• Paper Plate Game

• Specially designed craft

• Cooking Activity


→ Individual Activities/Printables for each letter

• Circle map

• 2 Sorting activities

• Letter Collage

• Preposition student booklet

• Follow up activity to social story


→ Books for each letter

• Letter book

• Social Story


 Lesson Plans for each letter

• 5 days

• 30-45 minute sessions


Digital activities

• 5 different activities

• Includes a regular set of slides plus a second set differentiated with color


Much of what I have learned about curriculum development is incorporated in these units. For example, do not be afraid of repetition. It is critical that students with significant disabilities get to experience material over several days to be able to fully assimilate what is being taught. Also, adding visual supports to your printables and class activities helps students be able to pay more attention to the content you are presenting rather than the mechanics of what is expected. Finally, ask questions. Good questions!! Even when learning about a specific letter, we can ask students questions that will push them to think more deeply than before.


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I am currently developing more units, and any feedback I get helps me make improvements in the future. Plus, it just means a lot to me.