Following Directions Unit : Back to School for Special Ed with digital activities


This unit on how to follow directions and pay attention was developed for students with autism and other special learning needs in elementary school. It focuses on following verbal directions as well as following written directions. The activities are fun, engaging, and easy to differentiate. There is a 7 day lesson plan with group activities to help you make the most of these materials. Great as a back to school unit!!

*****This unit now includes digital versions of many of the activities. There are 18 google slides and movie versions of the books.

See Preview for a detailed look at the contents.


This unit includes:

  • Detailed 7 day lesson plan
  • 12 page social story (with movie version)
  • vocabulary board
  • circle map (with digital version)
  • sorting activity (with digital version)
  • matching activity (with digital version)
  • cut and paste practice following written directions (with digital version)
  • power cards
  • marshmallow snack recipe


As always please take a moment to leave feedback or post any questions you may have. 

I am currently developing more units, and any feedback I get helps me make improvements in the future.