Winter activities for school in special education


Looking for winter activities for school to add to the lessons you plan to use for the season of winter? Here are some ways you can weave the theme of winter into all of your subject areas, with some free downloads to use as well!!!

1. ELA winter activities

For those that are emergent readers, a book with simple, decodable, and repeated text can be a great winter activity for the classroom. You can write one in PowerPoint in less than 10 minutes and add some simple clip art and be ready to go with a great winter activity for your classroom. Being able to read something simple is a great way to build confidence and work on those early comprehension skills.

You can grab a book I wrote, The Colors of Winter, in the Free Resource Library. Click HERE to check it out. If you have not signed up for the library yet, and need the password, no worries, click HERE to get access.

Find it in the Free Resource Library

2. Literacy winter activities

Oh my, there are so many great books out there with a Winter theme. If you are looking for a great list of picture books on Winter, visit We are Teachers. They have a great list, click HERE to see it.

If you are looking for books on winter to read aloud, check out Mrs. Jones Creation Station HERE for a cool list.

I have the perfect winter literacy activity for winter using The Snowy Day in my store. Click HERE to check it out. It has lots of activities, a writing prompt, and a social story on Feeling Disappointed. It also now has digital versions of most of the activities, so you can use them in person or remotely.

Click HERE to see my Snowy Day unit

3. Math winter activities

An easy winter actitity for school is counting. There are so many things you can count that are winter-themed. You could count snowmen, candy canes, snowflakes and more. Have you download my FREE adding ornaments to the tree worksheet in the free resource library? Click HERE if you need the password. Click HERE if you already know it ?. Just look under the math section.

If you need some higher-level winter math activities for school, check out my Winter Word Problems unit HERE. It has 18 small group practice word problems with guidelines and 20 addition and subtraction word problems worksheets with a winter theme.

Check out my unit on Winter Word Problems HERE

4. Science winter activities

Of course, you will be teaching about winter in your science block. This is an easy one if you have the right materials. I recently went back and totally redid my unit on Winter in my store. It has 8 days worth of packed plans to keep your students busy. It even has digital versions of the activities included. Click HERE to check it out.

Check out my unit on Winter HERE

5. Social Studies winter activities

This is becoming one of my favorite subjects to explore and research. So, my mind immediately went to how I could incorporate winter activities into my social studies lessons. Geography was the obvious choice!! As I said in the first sentence, we are starting the season of Winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. But, I know I have followers from all over the world. Also, not many students may understand what or where the Northern Hemisphere is. It would be nice for our students to realize that people are experiencing not only different weather around the world, but also different seasons. Although the start dates are not exactly the same, the Southern Hemisphere will be experiencing summer while we experience winter up North. We did this same activity for Fall, so it is always good to go back and practice a skill especially with new materials.

So, be sure to download this map and have students identify the 2 hemispheres and the current season in each. Just click the button below.

Download by clicking button below

I hope this has given you some ideas of how you can teach winter in all subjects all day long. There is so much we can dive into with each season!!

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