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It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, was always a favorite of mine as a kid.  Although winter is my favorite season, fall is a close second.  It is filled with those cooler days and nights, filling me with anticipation of the true crisp weather to come.  And then there are all those pumpkins.  I just LOVE them.  So, I reached out again to some of my favorite teacher authors and bloggers out there, and BOY DID THEY DELIVER!!  I have so many awesome FREE pumpkin resources here, you will be hard-pressed to use them all.

Of course, I had to create 2, brand-new, special FREE pumpkin downloads for you to get this awesome roundup started.

First is this super, simple no cook recipe for Pumpkin Snowballs.  YUM!!  In color and black and white, get your students “cooking” with this FREE picture recipe.


Next, I have a pumpkin writing prompt.  I have heard you LOUD and CLEAR.  Teachers want more of these simple writing prompts that their kids can create on their own.  So, here is a new one for you that is perfect for November!! writing prompt

Now onto the roundup!!  There are lot of good ones here, so take your time, or bookmark this page so you can be sure to grab them all!!

pumpkin 5     Math Activities

  • From the Elementary Island be sure to grab Halloween and Fall Activities to Engage.  Review those place value skills that you have tirelessly worked all quarter on.  The BEST part?  This can double as a cute hallway display!!!!  You can print the pumpkins on orange paper or have your students do the coloring! Connect some vines and….. VOILA!!! A cute display that can last all fall!
  • From the Blooming Mind get this Pumpkin Math Worksheet.  This “Let’s Count Pumpkin Seeds” math worksheet will help your students practice counting 1 to 5! Have students count the dots and cut and paste the matching number beside the pumpkin.
  • From the Therapy Mama be sure to check out these Count and Clip Cards.  These cards are a fabulous way to reinforce your students counting skills while targeting fine motor skills as well. They focus on the numbers 1 through 20. They are great for Preschool, Kindergarten, homeschools or special education classrooms.
  • From We Heart Teaching grab these Pumpkin Math Puzzles.  These differentiated pumpkin math puzzles are the perfect addition and subtraction practice for your classroom! This resource includes 1 math puzzle with 5 differentiation options.
  • From Fantastic Fun and Learning get this Pumpkin pie play dough fractions printable.  For our Thanksgiving activities I put together this quick prep pumpkin pie play dough fractions free printable. It’s a fun and meaningful way to weave in a bit of math alongside our pretend play and sensory activities with pumpkin pie scented play dough.
  • From Planning in Pajamas to check out this Pumpkin Roll and Color.  Practice number sense with this Halloween-themed Roll & Color! Students roll 2 die and count the dots, then color in the corresponding pumpkin, until the sheet is full! Excellent math center activity to practice counting and identifying numbers.
  • From Smalltowngiggles get these Pumpkin Counting Playdough Mats.  You will receive two (2) free playdough mats from my Pumpkin Counting Playdough Mats.
  • From Fun Learning for Kids grab this Editable Pumpkin Board Game.  This pumpkin editable board game is a great way to differentiate your math and literacy centers this fall. It makes learning fun and engaging too. The kids will love this fall activity!
  • From Kamp Kindergarten check out this Pumpkin Seed Add the Room activity.  Students use pumpkin graphics to determine the addition equation represented by the number of seeds on the pumpkins. This packet has 10 Pumpkin Seed Add the Room cards and a recording page with matching pumpkin vine and pumpkin graphics.
  • From Primary Inspiration get this Patchwork Pumpkin Math activity.  Here’s a subtraction game freebie that will also bring a bit of October art into your classroom décor.
  • From Hand to Heart check out My First Bingo Game for Fall.  This game includes 3 pumpkin board templates, a nine grid, a twelve grid and a sixteen grid. Also included are little pumpkin calling cards 0-15, plus directions and suggestions for playing.
  • From Momgineer get this Pumpkin Patch Compare center.  Use the picture cards and have your students build and record addition sentences.

pumpkin 1 ELA Activities

  • From the Preschool Toolbox be sure to grab There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves Sequencing and Power Point.  Come explore Lucille Colandro’s book, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves! This lesson includes tips on how to engage young readers along with sequencing cards, stick puppet printable, and a Power Point to extend the story!
  • From Thompson’s Teachings check out Spookley the Square Pumpkin Text to Self Connections.  Includes a text to self reading response organizer for the story, Spookley the Square Pumpkin! A fun little activity for the fall season.
  • From Fun Learning for Kids get the Differentiated Pumpkin Spin and Cover game.  These differentiated pumpkin theme spin and cover games are no-prep  literacy centers that are perfect for kids at many different levels of ability.
  • From Jasmine McClain grab the How to Make Pumpkin Pie Silly Story.  Fun writing activity students can complete just in time for Thanksgiving. Students will write various words and put them into a recipe template to create a silly recipe/silly story. Students will use the writing guide to come up with various words for their recipe. Once their writing guides are completed, they will insert the words from the guide into the recipe which will create a silly recipe that will have them laughing!
  • From the Picture Book Cafe get Ten Little Pumpkins. Ten Little Pumpkins emergent reader is so much fun! This little reader can be sung to the tune of “Ten Little Indians”! Students will practice reading number words and will illustrate this booklet to match the text.
  • From Fantastic Fun and Learning check out this Pumpkin Letter Matching ABC game.  This game is a quick prep activity you can set up during your fall theme, pumpkin activities or Halloween theme activities. Use it for independent work time, small groups, or literacy centers.
  • From Literacy with Littles get the How to Make Pumpkin Pie Flip Book Expository Writing.  This free flip book is the perfect way to let your students work on expository writing this fall. The transition words are clearly stated at the bottom of each page to help your students logically organize their thoughts into sequential order.
  • From the Primary Post check out the Pumpkin Sight Word Game.  It is a free editable sight word pumpkin activity perfect for small groups.

pumpkin 3 SCIENCE

  • From Anita Bremer be sure to grab the Pumpkin Life Cycle Lapbook.  Provides a unique and hands-on way for students to show their learning!  Printables, instructions, suggestions for use, and photographs of the lapbooks are included.
  • From the Bender Bunch get the Pumpkin Observation Activity Sheet.  This activity sheet is sure to complement any pumpkin unit! With this one activity sheet students will learn and list the stages of the pumpkin life cycle, label parts of a pumpkin, measure the circumference, count the ribs, see if it floats, estimate how many seeds, record the actual amount of seeds, draw their pumpkin, describe their pumpkin, and name their favorite pumpkin recipe!
  • From the Crazy Schoolteacher come the Pumpkin Life Cycle.  This activity has simple black and white clip art to sequence the life cycle of a pumpkin.
  • From Renee Miller get the Pumpkin Craft Sequencing (flip book) activity.   Great sequencing activity to sequence the growth of a pumpkin or a to sequence any other fun Halloween writing!

pumpkin 6 And MORE

  • From Hola Amigos comes ¡Calabazas! – FREE Spanish Numbers Song (Los numeros).  Elementary (Primary) Spanish instruction for numbers 1-10 using the song “El Número de Calabazas.” Cute one page printable with words to the song.
  • From Expressive Monkey-The Art Teacher’s Little Helper grab the Pumpkin Freebie for Halloween and Fall Art Activities.  Whether you are making a pumpkin craft, pumpkin art, or just looking for a fun pumpkin drawing activity during a Halloween class party. These 3 pumpkins will help you get started and give you a variety of shapes for your students to choose from.
  • From Pre-K Printables practice those fine motor skills with this Fruit and Veggie Pick Up Game.  Fruit and Veggie cards-that a FREE. Many ways to use.  Included are directions on how to play a pick up game with plastic food.

Don’t forget to grab my FREE resources listed at the top:



Oh yeah, and in case you missed it last week, I have a FREE Counting Pumpkins book.  Bring some literacy into your math lesson!!

In case you are looking for even more Pumpkin Resources, check out my Pumpkin unit HERE.


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