Maps and Globes Unit Google Slides for Special Education | Distance Learning


Total Pages 41 pages
Answer Key Included
Teaching Duration 2 Weeks


I took my Maps and Globes unit and created a digital resource you can share for an at-home learning experience for your students. There are 10 days of lessons that covers the basic characteristics of maps and globes including how they are alike and different. This is the introductory level, best for elementary and middle school.

Each day students will watch a video that is a voice recorded powerpoint from the unit and do a related activity.

This unit contains activities that can be printed out and done on paper OR can be complete digitally using google classroom or google slides. Each digital worksheet comes in 2 versions: the original and one that is differentiated.

Teachers can assign either one lesson per day through google classroom or send the student all 10 days at once.


  • Day 1:  Circle map on globes
  • Day 2:  Labeling a globe
  • Day 3:  Circle map on  maps
  • Day 4:  Labeling a map
  • Day 5:  Venn Diagram comparing globes and maps
  • Day 6:  Painting a world map
  • Day 7:  Writing prompt
  • Day 8:  Making Earth cookies
  • Day 9:  Reading a compass rose
  • Day 10:  Assessment
  • 10 day lesson plan