Biology Digital Bundle for Special Ed for google classroom | Distance learning



This bundle includes the full print AND digital units on these biology units:

  • Cells and Cell Structures
  • Mitosis and Meiosis
  • Genes and Heredity

All these units were created for students with autism and special learning needs in middle or high school. It has everything that was included in the original pdf versions PLUS google slides for all of the activities. Each unit also comes with a detailed lesson plan.

These digital activities were created using google slides and can be used with google classroom.

Each digital activity comes in 2 versions. The original plus one with color-coding to add more visual support for students who need the extra help. There is also a link to a movie version of the book included in the unit you can have students watch on-line.

There are directions on how to access the digital activities and movie in a pdf included in each unit in this bundle. There are also suggestions on the easiest way to assign the appropriate activities to each student.

See the previews below to get a detailed look inside each unit.