Can you keep a secret?

For the past school year, I keep asking “How can I help?” So many of you have reached out via email, Facebook, and Instagram to let me know what you need to make your teaching journey not just easier, but more impactful for your students.

This past year, the requests have poured in for resources you desperately need. I have especially heard from high school teachers who feel lost and spend all their time searching the internet for ANYTHING that may work with their older students. I have poured myself into answering this call, and have really increased the number of middle and high school resources in my store.

But then, there are many of you still out there in the world of the little ones. You need more elementary concepts that are engaging yet will also build those important foundational skills students need once they reach that middle and high school curriculum. I have not forgotten about you, I promise.

So, this brings me to my secret….

Starting this summer (July 1 to be exact) I will be embarking on a new venture to support those teachers who work with our most severely affected students. I can’t reveal too much right now, but I will tell you that if fuels my passion to help even more teachers feel confident, less stressed, and excited about teaching.

So, if you:

  • Need to reduce the feeling of stress and overwhelm
  • Have to stop spending money on material that does not fit your students’ needs
  • Want access to appropriate, rigorous, and respectful curriculum
  • Crave support on how to make it all work so you do not feel frustrated and exhausted every Friday
  • Are looking to connect with like-minded teachers who share those same high expectations
  • Are on a tight budget (aren’t we all) and cannot keep buying the newest curriculum guaranteed to bring results

And, MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you teach students with significant learning challenges in Pre-K through high school, then stay tuned. Because, friends, I have your back. I know what you need, because you have told me. I have listened, and I am coming.

Want to get on the exclusive waiting list for the big announcement? Maybe you are just a little bit curious? Maybe you are looking to make a change for next school year? Then click HERE, and more information will be coming your way in a few short weeks.

Click HERE to sign up
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