Do you feel lucky?

Are you one of those people who like to buy a power ball or lottery ticket?  I spent most of my adult life in the Bible Belt where there was NO gambling.  No lottery tickets, no power ball, and certainly no slot machines.  Then I moved up north.  Every grocery store has its own set of lottery ticket machines, and there is ALWAYS someone there contemplating the best one to purchase.  I find it all so interesting.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

One of my favorite movies and books of all time is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  I am sure you are familiar with the plot, but basically there are 5 golden tickets hidden out in the WORLD for lucky buyers to find in their next chocolate bar.  Then there is Charlie.  So poor, so hungry, and so cold.  His grandfather gives him a treasured coin to buy a chocolate bar because he KNOWS that Charlie will be a winner and they will get to tour the famous Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.  Charlie buys his chocolate bar and carefully carries it home so he and his grandfather can open it together.  With great anticipation they peel back the wrapper to find….  no golden ticket.  They have not won a trip to the magical factory.   But later in the story, Charlie DOES find a golden ticket.  He gets to go see Willy Wonka and all his wonderful creations with his grandfather.  

Win a Golden Ticket

I just love this story.  So much, that I decided I wanted to have my own golden tickets to give out.  I am fascinated by the hope people have, as they spend their hard earned money at a machine that spits out a ticket they have to scratch at to find out if they won anything, anything at all.  So, in the spirit of Willy Wonka and his amazing chocolate factory, I am inviting you to come on a journey with me to find 5 golden tickets!!

Every Sunday, I will place 5 golden tickets in 5 random products in my ***store***.  When you purchase a unit, and go to open it up, on page 2 you MAY find a golden ticket!!  

So, obviously I cannot take people on a tour of a chocolate factory.  I cannot even send you a chocolate bar (though I wish I could.) 

BUT, I can offer you a totally FREE unit of your choice.  Yep, each golden ticket is worth a free unit from my ***store***.  Email me the claim code and let me know which unit you need.

I have spent so  much time thinking and thinking about what I could offer to teachers who are so short on time and money.  When I was in the classroom, all I wanted was a free planning day.  Just give me a day off, with no kids, full pay, and time to PLAN.  So this is my attempt to do that for you.  With this free unit, hopefully you will not have to plan for what is next.  It will be ready to go.

So, I hope this brings a little excitement to your day.  And if you win, be sure to share the news with as many other teachers as you can.  Every person who buys that unit from my ***store*** during that week will get their own golden ticket.  So, pay it forward and spread the love.  

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