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I am a big fan of Rachel Davis’s Podcast Elite Edupreneurs (link below).  Earlier this year, she did a special series spot lighting TPT authors from countries other than the United States.  I learned so much!!  I am so impressed with how other countries focus so strongly on content and rigor in their curriculum.  I also learned there are things in my special education units and products that may be problematic for them.  I want to try and fix that!


One of the biggest issues is that the Untied States is still one of the only countries still using the US standard system rather than the metric system.  This is unfortunate, especially for our students with special learning needs, because the metric system is so much easier to use and understand.  BUT, no worries, I have already tackled this issue.  All of my measurement units are already available in the standard system AND the metric system.  Whew!  Problem 1 solved.


There are some definite spelling differences as well as word usage that differs between the United States and other countries.  Most of us know that across the Atlantic they spelled it “colour” not “color.”  There are also phrases that differ.  For example, in Australia they use the word autumn not fall.  Hmm.  I have not addressed this, BUT I am more than willing to!!


In the US we LOVE our holidays.  I can remember spending about 2 weeks teaching about and using themed materials for Valentines Day.  Teachers seem to love incorporating holidays into every lesson plan possible during peak times.  I guess that is because, as a society, we are so excited about these holidays.  Christmas decorations show up in the stores starting in October!!  But, in many other places, teaching about holidays is not a big priority.  In fact, I heard one teacher from New Zealand say she could not imagine teaching about St. Patrick’s Day as part of her curriculum for March.  In addition, many countries simply have different holidays than we do here.   Hmm.  Another issue I need to tackle, and I WILL!!

So, I just wanted to reach out to all my fellow special education teachers around the world.  If you purchase a product from me, and need the spelling changed, need holidays removed or swapped out, or just tweaked to fit your students’s needs, LET ME KNOW.  I will adapt any product you purchase to fit your specific needs.

My hope and mission is to positively impact as many students with autism and special learning needs all over the world.  So, if that means a little extra work, I am totally on board.

Just send me and email after your purchase, and explain what you need customized.

Want to learn more?  Check out Rachel’s podcast, by clicking here:  Elite Edupreneurs Podcast

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