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Time is so valuable.  If you are a teacher, you know the time spent out of the classroom is significant.  Special education teachers face the added challenge of often not having ready-made, published curriculum handed out to them that is applicable or accessible to their students.  We spend hours and hours making our own materials at home.  We use our own money, our own supplies, and tons of lamination and Velcro.

So, in an effort to help teachers, specifically special education teachers, and even more so those of you who teach in severe and profound settings, I have been collecting amazing resources I have found from so many great teachers on my Pinterest page.  Have you checked it out?  I even have a page just for FREE resources.  Check it out here:


I also have tons of other boards like:

social stories snacks    art

Finally, I have a board dedicated to each subject area, and many holidays.  So, if you are looking for a good reference library of resources specifically for students with significant learning challenges, you should definitely check my page out and follow me.

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